Spiritual musings

Earth sustains us and reminds us of our connection to our environment. We are born of Earth and to Earth we return once the breath of life leaves us. Earth is the realm of humanity yet we so often disregard Her or take Her for granted. Earth carries us, She is where we reside, She is our temple. Earth sustains us, She is the rock we build our homes on.
Through Earth we manifest the divine.
Earth grants us pleasures and ensures we enjoy our physical form, which defines us as long as we live in this world. Earth is the soil, plants, the food we eat, the smells we inhale, the colours we see, the touch of a loved one, the love we make, the sensations we experience one by one. Earth is our nest and the womb we all emerged from.
What does Earth mean to you?


Tarot musings

The Fool setting off on the Journey…..

The Fool, which corresponds to the number 0, opens the Major Arcana’s sequence by launching the Quest of the Soul.

The Tarot’s Major Arcana depicts the Fool’s Journey. The Fool indicates new beginnings, a leap of faith, the innocence and blind faith of optimism and youth. Rules, boundaries and conventions can imprison us. The Fool urges us to step off the cliff and in doing so focus on the view rather than the precipice.

In the Spellcaster’s Tarot, the Fool steps from the sunlit world into an abyss ruled by the crescent moon – from day to night, from consciousness into subconsciousness, trusting his instincts. Here we see the Call, which, in Jungian imagery, sees the Hero heading towards the adventure which will rock their world and set them free…

In the After Tarot, The Fool has stepped off the cliff and because he is suspended between heaven and earth, in a liminal space, he can now truly focus on his sensory experience, where his only concern is smelling the rose…

He is immersed, suspended between and surrendered to the senses.

This sense of immersion is highlighted by the Lightseer’s Tarot Fool, who literally surrenders herself to the elements and trusts the air, sky, sun and water to sustain her. She offers herself to the world around her and in doing so she channels spirit, the fifth element.

In the Mythic Tarot, the Fool is Pan, stepping off a cliff and led by his own internal tune. He is smiling and looking straight ahead at something only he can see. Pan has become a synonym of wild abandonment, and this is part of the Fool’s message.

What does the Fool represent for you?

Fool images:
Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot, Lightseer’s Tarot, After Tarot and Mythic Tarot

The Magician

The Magician is number 1 in the Major Arcana sequence and the active principle of manifestation, or the Divine Male in the Western cultural and esoteric tradition.

The Rider Waite Smith Magician has all the elemental tools at his disposal. Each tool is a seed, connected to the Aces of each suit.

He tells us to put thoughts and intentions into action.  His iconic stance points to Heaven and Earth. He is the conduit between Spirit and Body. As Above, so Below. We can manifest here on earth the divine purpose of our higher self, but we need to act.

The Ourobouros around his waist is the snake eating its own tail,  symbol of the eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth,  the themes that define the entire journey of the Major Arcana. Over his head is the Lemniscate, another symbol of the eternal nature of our souls’ karmic journey.

The After Tarot Magician makes the elemental objects float in orbit around him and the dove representing spirit. Anything is possible if we put our minds to it.

The Spellcaster’s magician stands amongst the ruins of an old city, symbolizing the eternal wisdom and power of Magick and esoteric knowledge. His  tunic is decorated with elemental symbols and the glyph of Mercury, or Hermes.

Hermes at a crossroad is The Magician in the Mythic Tarot. Hermes is the intermediary  between the Underworld and the world of the living, Gods and Mortals. He rules communication, trickery, intellect, boundaries, he is extremely clever, quick and ingenious. ‘Hermetic’ knowledge underpins most esoteric theories and the study of Tarot itself. 

The Lightseer’s Magician is truly a channel of the Gods,his outstretched arms a mythical HDMI cable connecting the monitor of our Earthly realm with the Divine Motherboard up Above. He is literally the conduit. Elemental power flows through him directly from the Heavens into the whirlpool of spirit that he has conjured up on the earthly realm. The symbol of each element floats over the energy streams.

What does The Magician mean to you?


Spiritual musings

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