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Tarot Forge bespoke readings

Tarot Forge readings are person-centred and focus on your needs. Readings are not timed, although they usually take around 45 minutes.

Tarot Services

Bespoke Tarot Consultations via Zoom £25.00

I offer bespoke Tarot readings via Zoom. I do not put a time limit on readings, A full reading usually takes between half an hour and 45 minutes but please bear in mind that a reading is a highly person centred service and it will vary according to your needs and circumstances. It is useful to focus on a specific area of your life during a reading.

The reading will focus on one question or one aspect of your choice. Please bear in mind that although you may ask a specific question, the Tarot may direct you to something else which you may need to heed in your life!

All readings include a photo of the cards which will be sent to you by email.

Bespoke live Zoom Tarot reading with typed report: £30.00

The above is also available with additional full typed report and images.

Bespoke email reading with typed report £20.00

You can send me your question by email and I will produce a typed report including a photograph of the cards I have drawn.

Please note that readings are for general guidance and cannot advise on medical, legal or financial matters. If you seek such support please consult a professional in that field. We have free will and although we can be offered directions by Tarot readings, ultimately we have full control of our destiny.

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